hatred of facebook (1)


Years ago, I was researching out-of-the-box social networking platform solutions, curious to see if there was some way to create my own Facebook without having to spend all of my waking moments learning how to code algorithm. More recently, an incident with Facebook forced me to find an immediate solution with the realization that I had been too dependent on Facebook overall. 

When it works and it works well, why would you, me or anyone feel there's a problem with that platform? We expected the issues we ended up having with Facebook as we were aggressively testing out the limits of independently sharing ads on various social networks. Facebook could have been more direct with us by citing some violation of their rules against spam, that is, after all, the standard. 

But, technically, what we were doing wasn't spam and by Facebook simply redirecting our access to a page's Publishing Tools from which we were scheduling posts from, to a 404 error page; it was obvious that they were flexing their muscles outside their own guidelines. Unfortunately, we'll still be using Facebook but we overall refuse to spend more time than we need to there. But that's one of the reasons we put this site together.

The Evolution of Our Dependency

Of course, we are all very dependent many other things. I'm, well aware that moving away from Facebook to this platform only transfers my dependency on something else. I still watch mainstream broadcast news and other things we've all depended on for a long time but, the awareness is what's different. 

Naturally, when I say that I'm starting up my own social network, one thinks about competition, whether it's over my platform of choice or that I should somehow end up trying to come face-to-face with Facebook, challenging them in the market they've cornered. While that would certainly be a goal, it isn't mine. 

My goal is to engage with people on my own platform, where I can always stand by the ethics of the normalcy that dominated mass consensus before that consensus was hijacked by social terrorists, forcing a new normal.

In my fantasy and on paper, it makes sense. The only way to put that to the test is for it to be the engine that drives a site like this one. Those are not standards that Facebook has any interest in maintaining. 

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